Telemedicine - Healthcare Using Your Computer or Phone

We can now help you in the comfort of your own home without having to be there in person. We provide telemedicine visits using your computer or mobile device, connecting you directly with one of our providers.

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To use our Telemedicine system, you’ll need one of the below:

  • A Windows computer (desktop or laptop) running the latest Chrome or FireFox
  • A Mac computer (desktop or laptop) running the lastest Chrome, FireFox, or Safari
  • A Chromebook running Chrome
  • An iPhone using the default Safari browser
  • An Android phone running Chrome
  • An iPad using the default Safari browser
  • An Android tablet running Chrome

And a good Internet connection.

Older computers may not be supported, Internet Explorer is not supported, and eBook readers such as the Kindel or Nook are not supported.

Be sure to schedule your visit with the office before using the telemedicine system. Think of this as exactly the same as visiting our offices, including requirements such as co-pays being due before your visit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our offices.

Before your first telemedicine visit, it’s best to connect to the system once, must to make sure it’s working. If you can’t connect, check’s help system on the patient page.


Unrecognizable pregnant woman using laptop in bed

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